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A brand spanking new idea

The world around us is so full of brands that it makes your head spin yet oddly enough, most of the time you don't see it; it's just sinking in subconciously. Clever branding does that. It's what seperates the wheat from the chaff. Brand recognition sells products and services. It creates that powerful identity that says everything it needs to. And we're not just talking about the big brands such as Coca Cola or Nescafe or the Royal Mail for instance, but all brands large and small.

The art is in knowing who you are appealing to and creating something which hits the nail bang on the head. Then it's all about keeping it there and keeping it fresh; not just sitting back and resting on it, but developing it and promoting it until it becomes synonymous with its market or activity. For instance, 'Hoover' is a brand name that has become so successful, it's used in everyday language to describe the activity!

The Art Room has created brands for all kinds of stuff. Guide books, car and caravan valeting products, food packaging, newsletters, magazines, tourist attractions, the list goes on and on. Give us a ring about your branding project, whether it's to create a new one or to take a fresh look at what you have, and we'll come up with a brand spanking new idea to make it work.
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