North East Graphic Design

This is where we draw the line

We have a lifetime of experience of colouring in. It's where our hearts lie and where our passion is. Over the years we have created drawings and illustrations both traditionally and digitally for absolutely all kinds of stuff; cartoon characters to market products and services, marker illustrations to add excitement, emotion and atmosphere, artist's impressions of something not yet built, technical diagrams for instructions, pencil drawings of buildings and people, watercolours of tearooms, hotels, guest houses and things, portraits, landscapes, you name it, we've drawn it.

Undeniably there are times when an illustration conveys a message that a photograph can't, and it doesn't have to cost the earth. This girl was drawn for Polam Hall School's prospectus to punch home just how much fun she's having there. She's certainly a winner!

Have a look at the samples below of just some of what we have done below. We think it's really what puts the 'art' into The Art Room.
North East Graphic Design
flat colours
Line drawings
Pencil Drawings
Technical drawings
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